On Obama and Our Worldview

What, in the end, is it going to take for us—the American people—to understand, remember, and act on the corruption in our society? Have we become so accustomed to lies that we just don’t see them any more? Or are we so immersed in our virtual lives that we can no longer see the real world that surrounds us? Let’s take Mr. Obama as an example. He swept into office on a populist wave, promising to “change the culture of corruption in Washington, DC.” The reality is there have been so many scandals, and so many stonewalls against so many problems, that we are starting to forget, to live with this as if it’s the new “normal.”

Two people (at least) have been offered government jobs in order to stop them from running for public office against incumbents being supported by Mr. Obama. Emails have now turned up in at least one case validating the claims of the recipient of these offers.

Mr. Obama’s vacated Senate seat was sold off to the highest bidder by one of his own fiercest supporters.

Mr. Daschle, nominated for the post of Secretary of Health and Human Services, suddenly realized he hadn’t paid his income taxes properly, paying the taxes just before his confirmation hearings started.

Mr. Geithner, the man who runs the Internal Revenue Service, cheated on his income taxes, and yet made it through the confirmation process.

Mr. Obama’s book, Dreams From My Father, has been used continuously by commentators to show how intelligent and literate Mr. Obama is. But it turns out Mr. Obama didn’t write this book at all; his friend Bill Ayers wrote the book. Mr. Ayers is connected with the radical left, including the Weather Underground.

When the New Black Panther party showed up a polling places during the Presidential election dressed in military garb and bearing night sticks, telling people that if they weren’t voting for Mr. Obama, they could go vote someplace else, Federal charges were filed. Somewhere within Mr. Obama’s staff, these charges were dropped. And Mr. Obama refuses to talk about it.

When BigGovernment released tapes showing ACORN employees offering to help obtain Federal housing aid for a couple attempting to set up a prostitution ring, it blew the lid off the organization, bringing to the front their continued attempts at election fraud and financial mismanagement of taxpayer funds. The “mainstream media” spiked the stories, and effectively provided Mr. Obama cover as the story developed. ACORN was one of the major supporters and organizing arms of Mr. Obama’s election campaign.

Mr. Obama has apparently been linked to yet another corruption probe, this time relating to foreign contributions to his election campaign.

The list just goes on and on… No tax hikes for anyone making under $250,000 a year—except for new medical care expenses, proposed increases in the cost of fuel, and now a VAT being floated. No lobbyist working on the Government’s payroll—except those Mr. Obama approves of. You will be able to keep your health insurance, and your doctor—unless it’s cheaper for the company you work for to dump you into the Government run plan, and your doctor decides to get out of medical care because of the coming avalanche of regulations. Spending bills that will “save or create” millions of new jobs—only the jobs are multiple hirings of the same person, inflated job estimates, and other nonsense, while the economy continues to lose jobs in record numbers. Nationalizing health care will save a trillion dollars—except now that the bill has passed into law, all the people who said it would save money are now admitting it will cost trillions of dollars in new spending.

There are so many lies we’ve just come to expect lies. We accept what we want to hear, and ignore the rest, hoping—against hope—that when it really counts, someone will tell the truth. We have a serious breakdown in our worldview going on here, a serious destruction of the line between truth and fantasy.

Maybe that’s because we love our fantasy world of reality TV and perpetual goodness so much that we can’t tear ourselves away from it long enough to see what’s going on in our own back yards. We’ve become bold in our flight from truth—and from Truth.

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