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From time to time I send various of my articles into the Christian Blog Carnival… This week, I’m hosting. So, forthwith (drum roll please)…

The Bible discusses the keys to personal finance success quite plainly. If you read the book of Proverbs in particular, you’ll see that the path to financial success isn’t that difficult or extensive. In fact, the wisdom to be prosperous can be found in a few simple steps. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing what I consider to be the seven pillars of financial success from the Bible. … Today we’ll be discussing Pillar #1: Spend less than you earn. -Pillar One @ Free Money Finance

God is everywhere, and now, He can be in your phone thanks to Android Apps for Bible Study. Here are 6 of the best apps to help you get closer to the divine. Why only 6? Well, on the 7th App, He rested. -6 Essential Android Apps for Bible Study @ Masters of Divinity

These verses tell us that if God’s love abides in us, we will put it into action. When we see a brother in need, we will not close our hearts against him but demonstrate our love by our deeds. We will “walk the walk”, not simply “talk the talk”. But this challenge begs balance. Does God expect us to literally help every needy person we encounter? -Deciding Whom to Help @ Personal Finance by the Book

I enjoy watching missions-related documentaries. They’re heart-gripping, informative, edifying, and motivating all at once. It doesn’t matter if they’re small-budget, poorly edited, independent films or large-budget professionally-produced ones. I believe it’s important to stay up-to-date on the experiences of Christians around the world and share what I’ve learned with Christians locally. -The Objectification of Women @ à la mode de les Muses

For millennia man has pondered over this problem: if God is both omnipotent and omnibenevolent, then why does evil exist in the world? The problem is referred to as theodicy. Many philosophers and theologians over time have tackled this problem and all have, arguably, fallen short of sound logic in all areas. Many have chosen to diminish the qualities of God in an attempt to derive a logical solution, whereas others have pursued different means of rationalization. -Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People @ eInquisitive

Who Am I? has a couple of Youtube videos up introducing a new Christian group called The Welcome Wagon.

Sometimes it’s not clear just who is being dogmatic and unclear when it comes to theological controversy and debate. Blessed are the credulous, for they keep confusing us @ Disciple’s Journal

It can be challenging to find comfort, peace, and tranquility, as a homeowner, when the big bad financial wolf is outside huffing and puffing on our doorsteps. This situation is even more disconcerting when the behemoth house next door (that looks just like ours) is renting for several hundred dollars a month less than our own monthly mortgage payment and we are struggling to put food on our tables. -The Homeowner Delimma @ The Endtimes Hoax

Fish and Cans has a post up on Tamara Lowe at Christ Fellowship. The question at hand is, “Should Christians use modern culture to talk about the Gospel?”

In this post I want to address one aspect of this argument. The key premise I want to contest is that if Genesis is a myth and of the same genre as Ancient Near-Eastern myths then what it teaches lacks authority. Note this is a conditional claim: I am arguing that if Genesis 1-11 is mythic in genre then this would not necessarily entail that the text lacks authority. I am not, in this post, committing myself to any claim that Genesis is mythic; I am simply asking what follows if it is. -Myth, Truth, and Gesnsis 1-11 @ MandM

A few days ago, when I talked with my work colleagues, I had an idea. Why do the vast majority of my colleagues do not believe in God? Although it’s a personal matter of each of them to believe or not, this idea would not let me rest. I decided to ask to everyone, what not allows you to be a Christian. -Anticipation of the Harvest @ Rely on God in Your Personal Development

Jesus walked the earth a little over 2,000 years ago. In the first chapter of St. John it is said that Jesus (the word) was also in the beginning with God. It also says that the Word (Jesus) created EVERYTHING that was made. -Jesus, the Only God Man has Ever Known @ Study the Bible, Not the Sermon

The role of women is a controversy that often follows the liberal/conservative divide within Christianity. Within Christianity, it is a given that both men and women are created in God’s image and receive gifts of the Holy Spirit. The divisive question relates to whether women should hold positions of authority. -Controversies: The Role of Women @ Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength

As long as I can remember, I wanted to be a Mom. I’d get up in the morning, get my baby doll out of the crib and dress her, feed her and put her down for a nap, then get ready for the day. It was all part of my routine. At lunch and dinner I repeated the process and got her ready for bed. -Real Help for Mothers @ Everyday Christian Family

You know, having been involved in Christian ministry for a long time, leading organizations, I know that our focus is not always to cheer and encourage and grow. Sometimes our focus is just the opposite ““ it’s to bring division and strife. Maybe we can learn something from the English football fans, just a little bit about what it means to be single-focused and, as the author of Hebrews says, to encourage one another “toward love and good deeds” (Hebrews 10:24). Wembley Stadium @ American Missionary Fellowship

Hardly anybody ever mentions it, but two of the most well-known verses in the Old Testament have significant apologetic implications, lending support to the Bible’s supernatural origins. One of them I’m sure will be a surprise to many readers here; the other might also. Two Most Overlooked Apologetic Verses @ Thinking Christian

It kinda astounds me how few Christian knit. For me knitting brings me to a still quiet place that allows me to hear God. I often think: “God knit me in my Mothers womb”. If you are not a knitter you can’t begin to understand that statement and how big that is. Why Knitting @ Christ, Coffee and Knitting Needles

Corporate Solidarity, if you recall, is this notion that the many (individuals) unite to the one over them by their identification with that one. This view differs from federal headship (where the corporate is represented by the head of the covenant) and corporate personhood (where the individual is subsumed in the identity of the one person). I decided to look at the Pentateuch to see if it would play with these sorts of categories with the name “Israel”. Corporate Identity in The Pentateuch @ The Bible Archive

The series finale of the six-year show LOST aired on Sunday night. Judging by comments I’ve seen on Facebook and other places online, it was a love-or-hate-it kind of finale. Like Battlestar Galactica, a lot of how I evaluate the whole show was going to hang on whether they pulled it off in the finale. I thought Galactica was successful. LOST Finale @ Parableman

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