Widespread Intractable Problems

Calling for a more authoritative and funded gender entity, the co-directors of AIDS-Free World recently released this position paper, Without Operational Capacity, the New UN Entity for Women Will Not Succeed, claiming that “discrimination against women is the most widespread and intractable problem affecting humankind.” -The Foundry

I think I’m beginning to think I might understand the constant liberal angst and anger. Think about how it must feel to get up every morning and face a world with widespread intractable problems. Illiteracy abounds; discrimination against protected groups is endemic;racism is on the rebound, everyone hates Obama because of his skin color; women are discriminated against throughout the world (and we need a new agency to deal with it); climate change is going to kill us all; the oceans are drying up—no, they’re filling up, about to cover entire island chains; the polar ice is melting—no, it’s getting thicker, but its still a problem; we’re going to run out of oil, food, or some other precious resource in the very near future; big companies are exploiting workers all the time; big government will solve our problems, only governments the world over are exploiting people, too; economic injustice is everywhere; and… and… and…

No wonder they campaign on slogans like, “hope,” and “change.” Because they simply can’t imagine not changing all this horrible stuff going on, they simply can’t imagine not confronting the problems of the world head on, even if it means forcing millions of people to do what they think is right, even if it means killing millions (like Stalin and Lenin) in the name of saving people.

The weight of all those problems, all the time, hanging there, on your shoulders. Now that you’re a god, you have to deal with all those problems. And the people, they just don’t seem to want to be saved from themselves.

The poor liberals. They’re just exhausted! And we all know how cranky you get when you’re exhausted all the time.

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