Send in the Clones

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required for the full article) captured this bit of testimony before the Supreme Court:

The dean is Leo Martinez of the University of California Hastings College of the Law. Here he is defending the school policy at issue, which requires the Christian Legal Society (CLS) to admit non-Christians and gays if it wants to be an official student group:

Question: “Would a student chapter of, say, B’nai B’rith, a Jewish Anti-Defamation League, have to admit Muslims?”

Mr. Martinez: “The short answer is ‘yes.'”

Question: “A black group would have to admit white supremacists?”

Mr. Martinez: “It would.”

Question: “Even if it means a black student organization is going to have to admit members of the Ku Klux Klan?”

Mr. Martinez: “Yes.”

Question: “You can see where that might cause some consternation?”

The Journal’s take is that this sort of reasoning is one of the causes of the cloning of opinion on American college campuses. People aren’t allowed to gather themselves into groups based on their beliefs, so they are forced to accept the belief system (worldview) of the majority of students. I think the Journal is right, only they don’t go far enough in their reasoning. In reality, this isn’t an unintended side effect of refusing to allow students associations that mirror their own beliefs, it’s the goal of such rules.

One of them major underlying problems with the entire socialist concept has always been that people don’t really want to live for the community. The socialist response to this situation has always been to take over the education of the youth. From the Kibbutz system in Israel, to National Socialist (NAZI) Germany, to Communist Russia, to the United States, the initial reaction on failure to overcome people’s natural tendencies in relation to communal living has been to take over the educational system in order to create people who will bow to the collectivist idea. This entire policy is bent around the singular desire to force people not to have their own opinions. Diversity of lifestyle within a culture of absolute conformity of belief is the goal of the socialist enterprise from the beginning.


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