Where is America Headed?

Glen Beck, over at the Pre-Trib Research Center, says:

The number one question in Bible prophecy is—where is America in the end times?

In fact, though, I’m not certain this is true any longer. I’ve heard of several prophecy conferences where the question doesn’t even come up any longer. That the question isn’t so urgent among many Christians scattered throughout the world is indicative of the answer to the question itself. Search as you might, you will not find any indication of a great republic named the United States of America in Bible prophecy—either by symbol, or by name, or by people, or by location.

There is a growing recognition that the US will no longer be a world power in the future among Christians here and abroad, so there is a sense that the question has been answered. America is not in prophecy, because America no longer influences the world by the time prophecy comes to be fulfilled. But many people still look at the US and wonder: how could this happen? All you need to do is look at a combination of trends in the US to understand how America could quickly drop to a second or third tier power.

  • There is an all out war on self-reliance within the US. There is a war on guns and gun ownership, a war on independent transportation (off the grid), a war on independent thought and “off the grid” living. Part of this war is centered on the educational system, where there is a movement afoot to regulate homeschooling in order to ensure all children are taught from a secular, dialectic perspective. Another part of this war is on the medical front, where the socialization of medicine will not only lower medical care, it will all mean the end of truly Christian health professionals. Christian professionals who refuse to accept the mystical/secular dialectic worldview will also refuse to do abortions, and will, as a result, be driven from the health care industry.
  • There is an all out war on individual achievement in the US. Mr. Obama has made it his primary mission to destroy anyone who rises above the norm in business or politics. Those who rise above the norm in business are called greedy, their pay is limited, and they are taxed for their impertinence. Those who rise above the norm in politics are simply shunted off to the side of the conversation, because anything other than groupthink threatens the liberal death grip on America.
  • There is an all out war on the economy of the US. This war attacks in the form of cap and trade laws, the nationalization of major companies, and the use of nationalization as a means to hand out favors to those who agree with the ruling party politically. This war also comes in the form of currency destabilization and wealth destruction through currency manipulation.

The real question is when will all of this combine to create the perfect storm of upheaval, making the US call all of its troops home to deal with internal problems, leaving the world to its own devices? Will it be a hundred years, or ten? The signs all point to something happening sooner, rather than later, within our lifetimes.

And whence America goes, the world goes. For the US is somewhat like Methusela, in these terms. When Methusela died, the flood came. In the same way, when America slips off the world stage, a flood will come. For America’s absence from the prophecies is as much of a prophecy as Her inclusion would be.

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